5 June[MON]

15:00 - 16:00

Expectation for ASEAN-Japan Generation Z Leaders’ Summit


  • Wake Up Japan
    Executive Board Member

    NAGAKAWA Misato

  • ASEAN Foundation
    Executive Director

    Dr. Piti Srisangnam

  • Sagri Co., Ltd

    TSUBOI Shunsuke

  • PoliPoli Inc

    ITO Kazuma

  • Akari Inc.
    Chief Exective Officer

    NORO Yuki

  • HI corporation


  • TeaRoom Inc.



This session aims to facilitate collaborative efforts between ASEAN and Japanese Generation Z leaders to address regional challenges through co-creation. The session began by focusing on four key points: 1. Sharing an understanding of regional issues, 2. Generating innovation and ideas, 3. Promoting cultural exchanges for overcoming challenges, and 4. Strengthening diplomatic ties. Discussions revolved around these points.
One notable characteristic of Generation Z is their exposure to global challenges through the internet. It was discussed that sharing Japan’s experiences with societal issues and enhancing cooperation with ASEAN is crucial, viewing ASEAN as a platform for addressing societal challenges. While “Knowledge sharing” emerged as a significant theme in the discussions, participants also recognized the need to address geopolitical risks. They emphasized the importance of considering historical perspectives and proposed specific improvements leading up to the December ASEAN-Japan Generation Z Leaders’ Summit. Generation Z exhibits distinct facets across countries. While Japan faces a trend of population decline, other nations have Generation Z as a central demographic. Among the presenters were entrepreneurs who expressed interest in conducting empirical experiments and presenting concrete improvement proposals to government and regulatory authorities.

  • 15:00 - 16:00
    Expectation for ASEAN-Japan Generation Z Leaders’ Summit