6 June[TUE]

15:30 - 16:30

Cooperation between ASEAN and Japan through Sports and Sports Business


  • FAR & EAST, INC.
    Founder and CEO

    KOYAMA Kei

  • Japan Professional Football League (J.League)
    General Manager, Global Business Dept.

    OYA Takeyuki

  • Japan Professional Basketball League
    Manager, International Development Group

    SAITO Chihiro

    Divisional Manager, Sports Business Office

    MURAYAMA Tsutomu

  • Cambodian Premier League

    SAITO Satoshi

  • Indonesian Chamber of Commerce(KADIN), Indonesian Surfing Association
    Head of Digial Finance Development of KADIN & Chairman of the Executive Board, Indonesian Surfing Association.

    Pandu Patria Sjahrir


In this session, the focus was on enhancing cooperation between Japan and ASEAN countries through sports. Recently, professional sports from Japan have been gaining popularity in the ASEAN region. In connection with this, many Japanese companies have actively participated as sponsors, contributing to the promotion of sports in the region, as highlighted by the speakers.
During the panel discussion, it was emphasized that while there has been a growing demand for coaching expertise in ASEAN, there has also been an expansion of opportunities for Japanese individuals to excel as athletes and in other roles. Additionally, Japanese companies are expected to contribute funds to the promotion of sports in the region. However, it was noted that such investments should not only be viewed as monetary contributions but also as strategic endeavors with clear purposes, objectives, and anticipated returns.
Furthermore, the discussion covered the development of personnel involved in sports team management. It was acknowledged that, in order to succeed in international competition, a broad range of positions, including management and coaching staff, require advanced skills and specialized knowledge. Therefore, the speakers suggested that both Japan and the ASEAN region should establish programs and initiatives aimed at nurturing future sports leaders and experts, recognizing the need for comprehensive skill development.