9 June[FRI]

15:00 - 16:30

Promoting Digitalization of Supply Chain in ASEAN-Japan


  • Industrial Growth Platform, Inc. (IGPI)
    Senior Executive FellowThe University of Tokyo’s Institute for Future InitiativesVisiting Professor


  • JIC Venture Growth Investments
    Innovation Strategist

    KOMIYA Masahito

  • Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia(ERIA)

    OIKAWA Keita

  • Boston Consulting Group
    Partner and Director

    Seungwook Oh

  • ASEAN Foundation
    Executive Director

    Dr. Piti Srisangnam

  • Business Alliance for Sustainable Economy (BASE)
    Group Coordinator

    Teng Theng Dar

  • Digital Architecture Design Center, IPA
    General Manager

    FUJIWARA Teruyoshi

  • Resilire Inc.

    TSUDA Yudai


In this session, the opening keynote highlighted the significance of supply chains as the foundation of economic relations, the role and challenges of digital technology, and the importance of international cooperation.
During the panel discussion, the supply chain was identified as vulnerable to three destabilizing factors, known as the “Three Ds” (regional instability, deglobalization, and environmental degradation) in the ASEAN context. Emphasis was placed on the importance of rebuilding supply chains, considering the impacts of factors like the U.S.-China rivalry, political changes, and environmental shifts. The discussion also drew attention to the digital divide, particularly focusing on the need for awareness campaigns to address the carbon footprint (Scope 3) disparity between SMEs and larger enterprises.
Furthermore, while promoting standardization for quality assurance, concerns were raised about the potential inhibitory role of regulations, highlighting the necessity of simplifying and harmonizing regulations. The lack of clear solutions regarding data sovereignty, digitalization, and the need for dialogue were underscored as significant obstacles. The panelists engaged in a comprehensive discourse on the challenges and opportunities in advancing supply chain sophistication.