6 June[TUE]

11:00 - 12:00

Co-creating innovation between ASEAN startups and Japanese companies and expanding businesses in Japan


  • Deloitte Tohmatsu Venture Support
    Head of Global & Industry Division

    OHIRA Takahisa

  • Enterprise Singapore
    Regional Director

    Fabian Tan

  • SWAT Mobility Japan K.K.
    Representative Director

    SUEHIRO Masashi

  • Scala, Inc.

    SANO Ippei

  • Mars Growth Capital Pte Ltd

    HIROSHIMA Ryutaro

  • Ascend
    President CommissionerBlibli
    Head of Business Development & CEO Office

    Yohanes Lukiman


In this session, the importance of Japanese companies focusing on the ASEAN startup ecosystem, key points for achieving collaboration, and the perspective of ASEAN startups on Japanese companies and the Japanese market were discussed.
During the discussion, it was emphasized that entering the Japanese market can be challenging for ASEAN startups, and the key is to introduce enthusiastic partners, such as local governments. Mars Growth Capital highlighted that while debt constitutes 20% of startup funding in the United States, it is only 2% in Asia. They mentioned the introduction of an AI-powered review process, enabling a 48-hour evaluation period, and the establishment of the largest debt fund in Asia, which has already provided funding to over 30 startups.
The key to Japan-ASEAN co-creation is “Ecosystem Thinking” – defining one’s value within the ecosystem and driving synergy with other companies. It was recognized among the speakers that organizations such as METI, JETRO, KEIDANREN, KADIN, and other administrative bodies play a role in filtering excellent partners.