6 June[TUE]

13:00 - 14:30

Harnessing Social Innovation for Inclusive and Sustainable Economic Development


    Secretary General

    HIRABAYASHI Kunihiko

  • Shibusawa & Company
    Founder & CEO


  • HOSEI University
    Associate Professor Faculty of Global Interdisciplinary Studies, Hosei University

    Shiaw Jia Eyo

    Co-Founder CEO

    Febriadi Pratama

  • ChangeFusion Group
    Founder Managing Director

    Sunit Shrestha


    Grace David

  • Real Tech Holdings Co., Ltd.
    Managing Director

    Akitaka Wilhelm Fujii


This session focused on the utilization of social innovation to promote sustainable impact investment in ASEAN and Japan. In the opening keynote speech by Mr. Shibusawa, who is well-versed in social impact investment and social innovation, the discussion revolved around whether to view uncertain times with optimism or pessimism. He expressed optimism by highlighting how the Millennial to Generation Z demographic is globally connected, offering hope. While these generations might be minorities in Japan, they constitute majorities on a global scale. He also mentioned the potential for a societal transformation similar to Japan’s social innovation during the Meiji period.
During the panel discussion, the limited awareness of impact investment and businesses was acknowledged, characterizing the present as a transitional phase. Despite numerous challenges, including the need to foster partners supporting impact entrepreneurs, some participants expressed the opinion that in 20-30 years, these concepts would become so deeply ingrained that they wouldn’t even be topics of discussion anymore.
Lastly, social innovation was likened to capital investment, and there was a shared aspiration among the speakers for achieving “Made with Japan” through collaborative efforts between Japan and ASEAN.