7 June[WED]

13:00 - 14:30

New Challenges for Social Issue-Solving Business


  • Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
    Executive Senior Vice President

    Dr. YAMADA Junichi

  • Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
    Deputy Director General, Southeast Asia and Pacific Department

    BABA Takashi

  • Dream Incubator Inc.
    Director & COO

    HOSONO Kyohei

    Corporate Fellow, General Manager, Science Group, Global Communications Dept., Corporate Division

    OGIWARA Yoko

  • Eisai Co., Ltd.
    Corporate Officer
    Vice President, Corporate Communications and ESG

    SASAKI Sayoko

  • Gojo & Company, Inc.

    SHIN Taejun

  • SDG Impact Japan Inc.

    TANIYA Mamoru


In this session, at the outset, a keynote speech was delivered, where JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) emphasized that Japan’s strength lies in “trust.” Specifically, they highlighted the importance of “Commitment,” which involves delivering on promises, “Quality,” ensuring solid outcomes, and “Friendship,” focusing on cooperative assistance. Furthermore, JICA aims to become a business partner for private companies. They declared their intention not only to introduce Japanese companies to local governments as an “Organizer” but also to undertake the groundwork for business expansion as a “Market Creator.”
Mr. Hosono from Dream Incubator stated that emerging market businesses are entering a new era and advocated for collaboration between the public and private sectors to drive “Industrial Production,” “Social Startups,” and “Impact Investment.” In the latter panel discussion, the initiatives of various companies were introduced. Mr. Ogiwara from Ajinomoto, while contributing to nutritional improvement, proposed promoting rule-making through public-private-academic collaboration. Mr. Sasaki from Eisai disclosed the provision of treatments for tropical diseases and Alzheimer’s disease along with their societal impact. Additionally, Mr. Shin from Gojo & Company highlighted the need for coordination between impact investments and technology cooperation projects, as well as governance development in emerging countries, identifying them as crucial points in corporate expansion into these regions.