7 June[WED]

15:00 - 16:30

Towards a community of innovation through co-creation and human resource development


  • SOMPO Holdings, Inc.
    Group Chief Transformation Officer Executive Vice President and Executive Officer

    WATANABE Kazufumi

  • Incubate Fund
    Co-founder and General Partner

    HOMMA Masahiko

  • Mitsubishi Motors Corp.
    Representative Executive Officer, Executive Vice President (CFO)

    IKEYA Koji

  • Laloka Labs

    Iqbal Abdullah


In this session, shared social challenges faced by ASEAN and Japan were discussed. These challenges encompass responses to climate change, improvement in healthcare and well-being, demographic shifts, cybersecurity, brain drain, wealth inequality, and the strengthening of supply chains.
Diversity is now acknowledged as a reality, and its effects vary. Opinions from diverse backgrounds and perspectives were noted to enhance decision-making and serve as a source of innovation, but they can also be a cause of conflicts. To harness the potential of this diversity as a source of value creation, it was mentioned that increasing labor mobility, certifying academic licenses, and overcoming language barriers are necessary.
Additionally, implementing affirmative actions for gender balance and sharing role models were noted as important means to promote gender balance. Through addressing these challenges and perspectives, the speakers highlighted the aim of strengthening ASEAN-Japan collaboration and fostering a community that promotes innovation-driven solutions to societal issues and talent development.