8 June[THU]

10:00 - 11:30

Novel approaches to exploring global business opportunities


  • Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
    Commerce and Service Industry Policy Group Healthcare Industries Division Director

    HASHIMOTO Taisuke

  • Sysmex Corporation
    ICH Business Advisor

    FUNAKOSHI Kunihiro

  • Matsunaga Manufactory Co., Ltd.
    Global Sales Manager

    HAYASHI Shinji

  • Kitahara Medical Strategies International Co., Ltd/ Kitahara Neurosurgical Institute

    KITAHARA Shigemi

  • Medical Excellence JAPAN(MEJ)
    Executive Director

    KITANO Eriya

  • Medical Excellence JAPAN(MEJ)
    Executive Director

    AKIYAMA Minoru

  • Olympus Corporation
    Vice President, Government Affairs

    KANEKUNI Yukio


In this session, it was highlighted that the structure of diseases evolves according to the stages of economic development. In low-income countries, infectious diseases are prevalent, while as countries transition to emerging and advanced economies, non-communicable diseases and stress-related ailments become more common. Against this backdrop, the strengths and weaknesses of Japan in the field of medical devices were presented.
Subsequently, representatives from the medical field introduced ongoing initiatives, emphasizing Japan’s strengths in the medical device and service industry. Examples of overseas expansion projects with high ripple effects on Japan’s medical sector include efforts in talent development and the deployment of packaged medical devices and services. These initiatives also involve establishing standard treatment methods in local settings through engagement with medical society guidelines and insurance coverage.
Furthermore, the ongoing “MExx” project, which involves establishing bases to enhance collaboration with local key figures, was discussed. This initiative aims to adapt Japanese medical practices to the specific circumstances of partner countries and attract medical tourists. It was noted that entering ASEAN countries as individual companies is challenging, and success requires coordination between industry, government, and academia, with a shared purpose.
The speakers also emphasized that it is important to not only focus on healthcare but also address a wide range of societal issues.