8 June[THU]

13:00 - 14:40

Promoting Energy Transition in ASEAN
~Acceleration of energy consumer-led green investment~


  • AMEICC Secretariat
    Chief Representative

    FUJIOKA Ryosuke

  • Siam DENSO Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

    Theerawat Limpibunterng

  • Zeroboard Inc.
    Founder CEO

    TOKEIJI Michitaka

  • Sumitomo Corporation
    Team Leader of Overseas Industrial Park Department

    WACHI Satoru

  • JETRO Jakarta Office
    Vice President Director

    MATSUDA Akihisa

  • KADIN(Indonesian Chamber of Commerce)
    General Manager at KADIN Net Zero Hub

    Octavianus Bramantya


This session discussed initiatives to promote decarbonization in the ASEAN region, namely the “Asian Zero Emission Community” and the “ASEAN Net Zero Hub,” and involved panelists exchanging views on how energy consumers can lead these efforts. In the opening remarks, AMEICC outlined the steps towards achieving Carbon Neutrality (CN), including measurement, energy efficiency promotion, utilization of renewable and clean energy, and the reduction of CO2 emissions from fuels. The discussion emphasized the need for elements such as talent, finance, and regulatory frameworks to achieve these goals.
During the subsequent panel discussion, DENSO highlighted its collaboration with the Thai Industrial Federation to leverage clean energy, working towards CN by 2035. They discussed the promotion of renewable energy adoption and the establishment of rules for carbon credits. Zeroboard introduced its cloud service that supports visualizing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, enabling companies to quantify emissions not only within Scope 1-3 but also fostering corporate and societal transformation through GHG reduction efforts. Sumitomo Corporation showcased efforts to create an environment in industrial parks that allows manufacturing companies to focus on production, including the installation of roof-covered solar panels and the promotion of renewable energy through environmental certificate transactions. JETRO expressed its intention to expand decarbonization efforts while monitoring the developments of Japanese companies and the Indonesian government.