8 June[THU]

15:00 - 16:30

Realizing Circular Economy in ASEAN


  • ndustrial Science and Technology Policy and Environmental Bureau, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
    Deputy Director-General for Technology and Environment

    KIHARA Shinichi

  • Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)Resource Efficiency and Circular Economy Division
    Deputy Director

    YOSHIKAWA Yasuhiro


    TABEI Shinichi

  • Suntory Holdings Ltd.
    Sustainability Management Division Senior General Manager

    SUMIKURA Tsuyoshi

    SX Business Development Dept. SX Business Development Center Living & Indutry Div. General Manager

    FUJII Takashi

  • MITSUI & CO., LTD.
    Circular Economy Business Development Team
    Performance Materials Business Unit
    Team Leader


  • Ajinomoto Co.,Inc.
    General Manager Sustainable (Environmental) Group

    TOYOSAKI Hiroshi


In this session, it was mentioned at the outset that a growth-oriented, resource-autonomous economic strategy is aimed at achieving sustainable economic growth. To this end, collaboration between industry, government, and academia will be strengthened, and efforts to enhance dynamic and static artery linkages will be pursued. Subsequently, during the panel discussion, various companies belonging to CLOMA presented their initiatives towards achieving a sustainable society and a circular economy. Ajinomoto mentioned that they are promoting sustainable agriculture through their monosodium glutamate (MSG) business in Thailand. Moreover, AMITA has developed a mutual assistance community-based resource recovery station called “MEGURU STATION” to promote the harmonization of the economy and environment, with plans to install it in 50,000 locations by 2030. They also highlighted their efforts to visualize the vein industry using data and work towards Cradle to Cradle realization. Suntory introduced the introduction of recycled PET bottles in Thailand and Vietnam, along with promoting behavioral change through consumer education. Toppan Printing mentioned that their subsidiary based in Thailand is engaged in the production of sustainable plastic film. Mitsui & Co., while serving as the chair of the Indonesia Cooperation Working Group within CLOMA, is working on the demonstration and commercialization of ocean plastic reduction in Indonesia. In the process, they emphasized the need for the government to establish a waste collection system to enable Japanese companies to promote a circular economy (CE) in the ASEAN region.